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100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

"The Life Saving and Health Giving Oil!"

You all know that we are passionate about Extra Virgin Olive Oil! We are equally excited to add 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) that has been cold processed from beginning to end to our stock of elite oils.

The Olive Bar is the sole importer and exclusive U.S. distributor of the Santa Maria 100% Virgin Coconut Oil from Amazing Foods Corp in the Philippines.  We have done our homework on this one and have even flown to the Philippines to meet with our supplier and to see the process for ourselves.  We feel we have chosen the best coconut oil in the world.

Cold Processed Coconut Oil

Santa Maria VCO is pure, unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorized and non-hydrogenated. It has no preservatives, no cholesterol, no chemicals added and no artificial flavors or colors. 

Santa Maria Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is Cold-Processed, A-No-Heat method (ANH), no-cooking, at any point of its manufacture to retain all of its micro-nutrients, short and medium fatty acids, vitamins A, C and tocopherol (vitamin E). It takes 28 to 30 days to produce Santa Maria Virgin Coconut Oil because heat is not used in any part of the production process.

The ANH method gives Santa Maria Virgin Coconut Oil advantages over mass produced and highly processed coconut oils that use heat to accelerate the production process. 

Advantages include:

  • absorbs faster by the skin and body
  • longer shelf life
  • mild coconut aroma
  • viscous or thick but not greasy
  • retain all of its micro-nutrients, short and medium fatty acids, vitamins A, C and Tocopherol (vitamin E) thus getting all the benefits to help healing the skin problems faster.

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

The Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil, or VCO, are endless.  Here are a few: 

  • It is rich in lauric acid -- a powerful biochemical to help boost the immune system and treat a vast range of medical conditions from common allergies to critical ailments.
  • VCO helps in absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K), vit. B and minerals (Ca, Mg, Fe). It is easily absorbed by the body and by the skin, it is food for the skin and can slow the aging process by keeping the skin healthy.
  • VCO has an energizing effect and makes the body work, heal, metabolize & defend better. It has anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and immuno-boosting action. It has a slimming effect.
  • VCO has an anti-inflammatory action when massaged on limbs and joints. It can be used to relieve gout, arthritis, rheumatism, joint pains, swelling, kill skin fungus and help in wart removal. It can stimulate hair follicle growt when massaged on the scalp.
  • VCO can also lock harmful effects of many toxins (such as ethanol, MSG, aflatoxin, E.coli endotoxin). It can rejuvinate diseased tissues and stimulate white blood (T cell) production. It can be used to help the body detoxify.

For these reasons*, many people consider it to be “The Healthiest Oil on Earth”

Try a jar of Santa Maria Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and find out what it can do for yourself or visit our Learning Center to read more about the health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil.


* - No approved therapeutic claims

32oz., 17oz, 8oz. Organic Coconut Oil
100% Cold processed from beginning to end

Made from hand-picked, mature, fresh, organically grown Philippines coconuts. Each spoonful is 100% pure coconut — organically grown, hand-picked and cold pressed to perfection. Meet with the outmost care and quality in Santa Maria, Laguna, Philippines, each drop is 100% premium — absolutely no heat, no flavor, no color, no preservatives and no chemicals added.


by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D.

Coconut oil has been used throughout Asia and the Pacific for thousands of years as both a food and a medicine.

Even today it holds a highly respected position in the Ayurvedic medicine of India. Only recently has modern medical research confirmed the many health benefits traditionally attributed to this remarkable oil.


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